About Us

Imagine opening your mailbox on your birthday and finding valuable gift cards from the best restaurants, day spas, jewelry stores and gift shops in your home town...That's BirthdayPak!

Your BirthdayPak is brought to you by an exclusive group of businesses in your community at absolutely no cost to you. Celebrate your birthday with the complimentary BirthdayPak gift cards and support the local businesses that make your home town special!

BirthdayPak Mailer

Meet Our Team

Michael J. Marchesani
CEO and Founder

BirthdayPak is the product of Michael’s extraordinary vision and was designed to be the ultimate multi-channel marketing program that connects upscale local businesses with their best customers. Michael has an extensive background in life event marketing, targeted direct response and integrated digital media. These disciplines, in conjunction with Michael’s exceptional leadership traits, inspired the unique marketing platform that is BirthdayPak. Michael’s passion for BirthdayPak has lead to the development of BirthdayPak franchises which are now being awarded nationwide.

Mike Breeze

As BirthdayPak continues to grow, it is important to know the steps needed to sustain such growth. Mike has the unique experience to quickly understand and help BirthdayPak achieve profitable growth. As a previous entrepreneur and with more than two decades of experience in business planning, financial management, technology and capital planning, Mike is fully qualified to oversee all aspects of the financial and operational strategies at BirthdayPak.

Chad Bickle
VP of Franchisee Operations

The success of a BirthdayPak franchise is important, not only to the franchisee, but to BirthdayPak too. Chad provides BirthdayPak franchises with the support, training and growth strategies that offer the guidance they need to achieve their goals. Chad’s previous background in sales and operations, franchise expansion, and strategic business development are contributing toward the recruitment of additional BirthdayPak franchises as well as ensuring that the current franchises continue to thrive.

Michael Spinka
IT/Production Manager

While BirthdayPak clients are presented with a clear, concise, successful print and digital marketing program, BirthdayPak has a firm backbone in data management. Mike leads the way developing and integrating systems that make the day-to-day mechanics sustainable and expandable. Mike brings the experience, gusto, and eye for precision needed to make sure those involved internally have the business tools needed for success, and that all of the members of the BirthdayPak Community get their BirthdayPak on time.

Kyle Abens
Graphic/Web Designer

As popularity for BirthdayPak increases, so does its demand. Since joining the BirthdayPak family, Kyle has not only met this demand but has exceeded it by creating tools that have helped streamline the creation of BirthdayPak exponentially. In addition, the aesthetics of each BirthdayPak ad transform as production increases. Kyle creates every BirthdayPak ad from beginning to end and works closely with the CEO, Production Manager, and Franchisees on different graphic and web design concepts to further streamline our marketing solutions surrounding advertising.

DeAnna Lance
Marketing Coordinator

While BirthdayPak continues to expand delivery with the addition of nationwide franchises, the BirthdayPak marketing program continues to develop as well. DeAnna brings an extensive marketing background to BirthdayPak which includes experience with B2C and B2B initiatives. This versatile understanding provides the insight needed to effectively market to the BirthdayPak community as well as the clients of BirthdayPak. Driven by the excitement that BirthdayPak presents, DeAnna offers marketing direction to the CEO, Production Manager and all of the BirthdayPak Franchises.

Cathy Lang
Office Manager

There are many “behind the scenes” operational tasks that are performed which keep the BirthdayPak business running smoothly. Cathy works closely with the CFO to complete accounting objectives and is responsible for the various administrative and customer service projects that help the rest of BirthdayPak team function more efficiently. With a financial and administrative background, Cathy provides BirthdayPak with skills that support daily operations.